GHG emission reductions:
issues and opportunities

Many states have established climate action plans to demonstrate a commitment to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. San Diego is at the forefront of California’s energy future, promoting one of the most comprehensive and progressive climate action plans in the country. Achieving these goals requires a fact-based discussion on the issues our communities face.

state legislation

The California State Legislature is a driving force in developing laws that promote clean energy and reduce carbon emissions, including the landmark Assembly Bill 32 and Senate Bill 350. As a result of this important legislation, California has established a landmark renewables portfolio standard, as well as targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to understand what this means to you as an energy consumer going forward.
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electric vehicles

Plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) are becoming more affordable and more accessible, providing Californians with opportunities to reduce their personal carbon footprint and emissions. As more PEVs hit the roads, there must be a greater discussion on how to provide clean and affordable energy to households and businesses that decide to purchase electric vehicles.
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community choice aggregation

Californians have options when it comes to the energy they consume and how it is created. Community choice aggregation is one option that is being explored in numerous counties throughout the state. We strongly support greater customer choices and encourage decision-makers and residents to consider a few important questions when evaluating their energy options.
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de-carbonizing our energy sources

Reducing carbon emissions through important legislation is a goal we share with the community. We want to contribute to the conversation and be a partner in the development of a plan that helps de-carbonize our energy sources and dramatically reduces emissions.
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climate action plans

Climate Action Plans are a commitment to substantial emission reductions and continual evaluation. To ensure we are reducing those emissions in the best way, we aim to utilize the best technologies and opportunities available. As these plans are developed and implemented, we want to make sure communities understand the choices they have available to them.
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renewable energy goals

California is a pioneer when it comes to clean energy, and the state’s recently adopted 50 percent renewables portfolio standard represents one more step toward a cleaner energy future. We strongly support these efforts and look forward to discussing ways to achieve this important common goal.
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